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Easily the best massage I've ever had and I will only be going here from now on. I've been dealing with back pain and muscle stiffness for several months now from sitting all day at work. I scheduled the 90 minute Thai massage with Sandy and felt like I was gliding through the air afterward. She made sure to target my problem areas and even showed me some stretches I could incorporate into my daily routine to address my re-occurring issues. Excellent experience for a very reasonable price. You will not be disappointed!

Sophia gave me an amazing massage, the best massage I have ever gotten!! I have never had a Thai massage before and will definitely come back. All of my stress melted away from her specific techniques and pressure points - it was so relaxing and therapeutic. I could really feel the techniques working to eliminate all the built up tension - it really was incredible. Sophia was very professional and kind. I was impressed with her strength!!

Absolutely loved my Erawan massage. It’s a combination of aroma therapy, thai, & hot stone and it is so relaxing. The facility was so clean and serene and just what I needed to top off my self-care day. My masseuse did such a good job of stretching me and relieving some built up tension from working out so much that I’m now incorporating them into my monthly maintenance routine. Can’t wait to go back.

Hot Stone Massage

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